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Norwalk Out of School Time: Find a Program for You

by Jennifer Murray-Mayhew

Having grown up in Norwalk and now raising my kids here, it has always been an issue finding programs and activities for kids of all ages in our community. I am a parent of three that have all gone through Norwalk Public Schools, and I am delighted to see the Norwalk Out of School Time Program

Locator is a resource in our community. Before the Norwalk Out of School Time Program Locator, it was hard to find the right programs for kids to participate in. I remember driving to other towns for programs that we had right in Norwalk the whole time, but I never knew this. Like many parents, we, learn about different programs by word of mouth—even if that means sometimes hearing over someone else’s conversation! As a parent, I rarely received an email or flyer sharing any educational or fun activities for kids.

I was very excited to hear that Norwalk ACTS is taking the time to develop a list of programs in our community—it’s greatly needed. The Norwalk Out of School Time program Locator offers many programs geared to all ages here in Norwalk. To my fellow parents and caregivers, I suggest taking the time to read over the listed programs from this resource. You might find the right program that you have been looking for! As a Norwalk ACTS Community Advocate, I am thrilled to have this resource to share with our parents and caregivers in Norwalk.

NPI note:

The Norwalk Out of School Time Program Locator is located here and on the NPI site, under Extra Curriculars.

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