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Lamont's Budget Breaks A Promise

Governor Lamont outlined his budget for the coming fiscal year and included an over $50M cut to the $150M investment he promised, and the legislature backed, toward K-12 education.

While the cut was diverted, in part, toward other demands in our state, some associated with daycare, it directly removes it from the pressing K-12 needs it was originally intended for. Likewise, this historic investment was a welcome and much-needed supplement to the emerging - but incomplete and imperfect - ECS funding that the state still tangles with.

We here feel this is disingenuous and urge our state lawmakers to speak up and reengage on this issue. Push back on Gov. Lamont's budget and demand he not break the promises he made eight months ago by using his surplus, in part, to bring greater equity to all our state's public school children.

The School+State Finance Project has created a handy tool to quickly express your feelings on this and automatically email your representatives here.

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1 Comment

The Governor was very clear that COVID money should not be spent the way the Norwalk BOE spent it. Governor Lamont has done nothing wrong, but NPS certainly misused the COVID funds from their intent. This behavior could be considered disingenuous not Governor Lamont's intent to now fund daycare. I applaud Governor Lamonts new budget.

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