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Hi everyone,

A quick note to everyone here.

With the closure of the Norwalk Parents for Education Facebook group comes a huge, gaping hole in the information portal in our community. It was a page unlike any other in our community, and its role in our day to day lives will be missed.

NPI remains here to fill a very modest portion of that gap, primarily with engagement on wider, systemic topics through informed opinion and community insight. We will never be the beating, hour by hour, minute by minute pulse that NP4E was.

That said: the NPS web redesign has resulted in numerous dead links on our page which need a thorough housecleaning. I've just started on that and hope to parse through it all over the next couple weeks so that we can start newly updated in the new calendar year.

We are also considering an expanded presence on social, but very hesitant to do so. It was always the goal of NPI to sit a bit of a distance from that. But, we'll send along information as it develops!

Stay tuned,

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