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Student Survey Q&A from Dr. Estrella and Erica DePalma

This was provided to Norwalk Parents Initiative in response to questions parents had on the recent student survey. Note: this exchange was not solicited by NPI.

1) How was the survey funded? The survey was funded through the CDC Drug-Free Community Grant that Positive Directions won for NPS. 2) Parents were sent two emails with the opportunity to opt-out, correct? Yes. The families were sent two emails about the ability to OPT out from the school. 3) Students were also given the opportunity to opt-out, correct? Yes. Students had the opportunity to OPT out. 4) Data is anonymized Yes. The survey is anonymous and the data is anonymized. 5) 6th graders aren’t surveyed The survey was not given to students in grades 6. The survey was given to students in grades 7+. 6) The survey is standardized for comparison purposes and offered to all districts in Connecticut to participate, correct? The survey instrument that we used this year has been used in other CT towns. The major subsets of the survey are standardized but you can add supplemental questions (trusted adults, eating disorders). 7) How many towns/cities do? Any within Fairfield county? A number of Fairfield County towns survey. In 2021, Positive Directions also surveyed Fairfield and Westport. Trumbull just completed their survey. Darien and Greenwich are surveying later in the year. This specific survey tool that we used has been used across various communities (similar to Norwalk) which will allow us to do some comparative analysis. 8) How many years has the survey been given in Norwalk? The first survey was given in 2018 and is given every other year. 9) If students answered “no” to any questions does the survey skip ahead? For example, if they answer “no” to sexually active, does the survey skip to the next section or they need to continue answering no or n/a to the sexually active sub-questions? The survey has logical skip patterns built in. If it is not applicable, the student wouldn’t get those questions. For example: If a student doesn’t use substances they wouldn’t get asked questions about substance use behaviors (How frequently and where do you use?) Also, attached is the FAQ from Positive Directions. 2022 Norwalk Youth Survey: What It Is & Why It Matters The 2018 survey resulted in a five-year federal grant to support The Norwalk Partnership (TNP) in preventing underage substance misuse and promoting mental wellness.. The 2021 survey, conducted during COVID, was used to identify the mental health crisis in our students as well as to target the highest-risk populations.

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